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Athletic Event Coverage

Since 1991, Dr. Timothy Kaufman has had experience as a Sports Injury Prevention Consultant. He has been “Team Doctor” for the Metamora Redbirds since 1995, and was the Official Team Chiropractor for the Peoria Rivermen Hockey Team from 1999-2013, he helps team members stay in shape while enjoying the game.

When our schedule permits, Kaufman Wellness Center, Ltd. provides on-site sporting event coverage. Call 309-670-2800 for more information today!

Athletic Training

Our office utilizes our Certified Athletic Trainer to provide strengthening and stabilizing exercises to help our patients achieve the most effective pain relief and return to activity.

Sport Enhancement Training

There are a few major goals of any Strength Coach, first of all the coach needs to prepare the athlete for any possible situation they will encounter to minimize their risk of injury in their given sport. The second goal is to prepare the athlete for success in their given sport by attaining a higher level of Strength, Speed, Agility, Plyometrics, and Conditioning.
Sometimes an essential part of preparing an athlete for their given sport is by manipulating their body weight for optimal success. For many contact sports weight gain is an effective tool for limiting exposure to dangerous situation by allowing for muscle growth to handle these sports and calorie storage to effectively perform these sports.
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Athletic Trainers