Nutritional Counseling and Supplements in Peoria, IL

Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Kaufman will evaluate your nutritional needs, assess for Food Allergies/Sensitivities that may contribute to Chronic Pain/Discomfort, and aid in reaching your weight loss goals. Our office incorporates the latest Nutritional advances from Univera and other nutritional suppliers to meet the needs of our patients. Univera is a Nutraceutical company that incorporates rigorous natural product testing relating to the effects on the DNA level to optimize their products' effectiveness. Dr. Kaufman is so excited about these products they have personally experienced their benefits.
Nutritional Supplements are taken to assist the average person with the good health and nutrients they need, in addition to good health and exercise. Univera, a supplement we supply at Kaufman Wellness Center, Ltd., replicate the healthy and vibrant cells your body uses to keep you feeling younger.
For more information on this life-changing product, visit Univera's website.